Frozen II: The Secret of Arendelle Has Surpassed the Proceeds of the First Chapter


Now it’s official: Frozen II: Arendelle’s Secret has managed to overcome the box office of the first chapter in the North American market, and according to analysts the overtaking will arrive very soon also worldwide.

For comparison, the original Frozen earned $ 400.7 million nationwide during its entire run, and its sixth week of Frozen 2 has exceeded the number of four million I (to date stands at $ 404 million).

In six weeks, the first 2013 film had grossed $ 873 million in total at the international box office, while at the same point in his run The Secret of Arendelle is already at $ 757 million. Over the next few days, that number will surpass that number, increasing its global total, which now stands at $ 1.16 billion. For comparison, the original film is stuck at $ 1.27 billion and its sequel, once overtaking, will take 15th place in the world highest-grossing chart of all time.

Additionally, the film’s domestic total is already enough to make it the seventh highest-grossing animated film of all time, and other Disney classics such as Toy Story 3 ($ 415 million) and The Lion King ($ 422 ) are likely to pass. millions) before it is withdrawn from North American cinemas. It is possible that it will also surpass films such as the original Spider-Man, Iron Man 3Captain America: Civil War and Wonder Woman, and it will be interesting to see how far it can go.