All the Films of 2019 in 10 Minutes: A 365 Day Long Film


2019 is about to end and as we prepare for the next 2020 releases we take a step back and retrace all the films that accompanied us throughout the year with this 10-minute video.

The video was made by Collider magazine and includes all, but all, of the 2019 films.

The tribute opens with the song I’m still standing recorded by Taron Egerton during the filming of Rocketman and as the title of the song suggests with his verses, many of the productions that debuted this year will accompany us again and again.

The clip has been divided into several parts, each of which groups the films for the themes addressed: the first speaks of rebirth and rediscovery, so here are clips of Ad Astra, Shazam, the same Rocketman, Dumbo, Alita, The Lion KingParasite Once upon a time in … Hollywood, The Lego Movie 2 and many others.

Below are the action films such as John Wick 3Detective PickachuSpider-man: Far from HomeDragon Trainer 3, Miss Marvel and Polar.

The third part is dedicated to borderline and unpredictable films, such as JokerIT: Chapter 2 and Us, while with more relaxed bulls they follow Through my eyes, Downton Abbey, Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 and Aladdin.

In the latter, we can admire, with lots of epic music, some of the highlights of the 2019 cinema with a special mention in Avengers: EndgameStar Wars: The rise of Skywalker, The Two Popes, Klaus, El Camino, and The Irishman.

To close the video just the soundtrack used by the Russo brothers for their most successful work.

Waiting for our ranking of the Top 10 films of 2019 let us know which films have been your favorites, because and if you like, tell us also the worst films of 2019 in your opinion!