Yet Another Cut in Avengers: Endgame: A Fearsome Alien Race Was Discarded


Months after the release, always new and exciting details arrive from the set of the most fruitful film in history, confirming, once again, the extent of the initial concept of Avengers: Endgame. This time, the Ice Giants would have been the subject of the film cut, appearing for the first time in Thor.

To confirm this the concept artist Jerad Marantz with an Instagram post, in which he reveals the details of the costumes and the improved physiognomy of the alien race, which, with great surprise, would not have fought alongside Thanos, but the Avengers.

In the first film dedicated to the God of thunder, we learn about the existence of the Giants, their history and the birthplace of Loki, Thor’s only adoptive brother: already in 2011 the dark presence of Thanos had been perceived, with whom the people of Ghiacci had entered into an agreement, but after the snap, the trusted allies of the purple alien had also been halved, an affront that would certainly not have gone unnoticed.

As is plausible, the proud Giants would have taken up arms alongside Marvel Studios’ superheroes in the final, decisive battle of Phase 3 of the MCU.

Unfortunately, this part of the initial concept has been eliminated, presumably to lighten an already dense web of events. Similarly, the apparition of Dormammu was also discarded, as was the War Machine vice-president of the United States, while other scenes were modified during the course of the work, such as that of the meeting between the Hulk and the Ancient.