Lebowski and Stark Together: A Fan Finds a Drugo Easter Egg in the First IRON Man


Among the many cameos and crossovers that Marvel Studios have shown us over the years, probably the most surprising is the Easter egg by Drugo from Il grande Lebowski (1998) in the first film dedicated to Tony Stark: the point of ‘meeting? Obviously Jeff Bridges!

During the viewing of the first Iron Man (2008), a Reddit user noticed the unexpected homage to the previous film starring Bridges, you will find the image of the post below.

In 2008, Bridges lent his face to the character of Obadiah Stane, Tony’s first trusted colleague, who later turned out to be the instigator of the attack against the tech tycoon.

Obadiah ‘s initial plan was to take possession of the Stark empire and then sell the innovative weapons to the highest bidder without any scruple, but when he becomes aware of the armor created by Tony he will do everything to get his hands on the projects, building himself a prototype and becoming Iron Monger.

During the shipment of a consignment of arms, it is possible to clearly read the recipient of the order, addressed to Mr. “MSC Lebowski”: a clear reference to Jeffrey Lebowski, name of the character played by Bridges as well as the namesake tycoon, hence the exchange in person who will set the story of the film in motion.

In Iron Man (2008) when pepper is looking through the under the table shipping manifest which were set up by Iron Monger (Jeff Bridges) the vessel is called the MSC Lebowski. from marvelstudios