Joaquin Phoenix’s Full Joker Script Is Available Online


If you loved the film, Todd Phillips, you will not miss the opportunity to read the entire Joker script, the latest effort by Joaquin Phoenix which could also be worth an Academy Award for best actor.

In this link you will find the script already edited and ready to be printed: it’s a pity that it arrived a few days late, combined with the right binding it would have been an excellent Christmas gift for the cinephile friend, because, let’s face it, we all have one.

The initial concept of the Phillips film was a real surprise for everyone, Warner Bors. understood as he admitted several times to the director himself, but to arouse the public’s concern was mainly the bizarre choice to focus the film on mental Arthur Fleck disorders: Although the topics covered had not been so thorny and controversial, the risk of another flop after Suicide Sqaud (2016) was extremely high.

Still, thanks to Phoenix’s spectacular acting skills, the film was a hit and garnered rave reviews in every corner of the world, though that didn’t limit Phillips’ concerns about canceling the film.

Did you like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Do you think he can win the Oscar as best actor? Let us know in the comments!