In Star Wars IX There Is a Big Link to the Jedi Fallen Order Video Game


From the Visual Dictionary of The Rise of Skywalker, the latest episode of the Star Wars saga currently in theaters around the world has confirmed a strong link between the JJ Abrams film and the Jedi Fallen Order videogame.

The book delves into the details of different planets, plots and many other elements of Episode IX, and includes the origins of the Starkiller Base, which was first presented in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and which in this The Rise of Skywalker it is only mentioned.

Some fans have theorized that the base had a connection with a planet described in Fallen Order, and this book confirms it: it is Ilum, the location of a Jedi temple that houses the cyber crystals, used to power the Jedi lightsabers and Sith. In Fallen Order, players are sent on a mission to this planet and, as confirmed in the new visual dictionary, Ilum and its cyber crystal core were used by the First Order to create the Starkiller base.

In short, the crystals in the center of the planet helped to strengthen the weapon that destroyed entire planets. Here is the official description of Ilum provided by the book: “Properly energized kyber crystals create containment fields that hold and amplify their power to incredible levels. The Empire controlled many cyber-rich worlds, channeling their resources into the development of the Death Star of the Tarkin Initiative. A world unique in unknown regions, Ilum had a crystallized cyber core. Most of its more easily accessible deposits have been dried up, but there were even larger crystals buried deeper. The First Order continued the excavations and gradually transformed Ilum – a sacred world for the Jedi, revered since ancient times – into an instrument of incalculable destruction “.

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