In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle were the protagonists to enter the world of the game turned video game and not Jumanji to pour into the real world, so much so that the connection to the original film with Robin Williams was just a hut built by his Alan Parrish during the twenty-six years of prisons in the game.

While continuing the story of the new actors, the director Jake Kasdan has revealed in a new interview as Jumanji: The Next Level continues to be a tribute to the first and legendary film Joe Johnston, especially with the re-introduction into the franchise Bebe Neuwirth in the shoes by Nora Shepard, Peter and Judy’s aunt in the first chapter of 1995.

Despite being named over and over and shown even at the end of the film in the company of Danny De Vito, it is really difficult to recognize her given the passage of time and especially its marginal part within the first film. However, its evolutionary logic is interesting, because in Jumanji the Aunt Nora wanted to transform the Parrish house where she had moved to a Bed & Breakfast, while in The Next Level she purchased the city restaurant previously managed by the characters of De Vito and Danny Glover.

This makes a possible Jumanji 4 even more tantalizing because Nora’s presence in the project and the ending where the game is once again entering the real world promise the fourth chapter from a return to the roots but completely transformed to adapt to the new canons of the franchise.