Incredible but True: The Updated Version of Cats Will Be Able to Participate in the 2020 Oscars


Good news for Cats ‘ chances at the Oscars 2020: apparently, the Academy will allow the updated version of Tom Hooper’ s film to participate in the competition for the statuette with the best special effects.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will allow the new version of the film redistributed in theaters this week to compete for the Oscars, and will not consider the first film version that arrived in theaters a few days earlier (which, among other clumsiness, included also a scene in which the human hand of Judi Dench appeared without cat fur).

The news should be a relief for Universal Pictures, given that all the other aspirations of the film at the Academy Awards have been demolished by the disastrous reviews and above all by the very poor box office.

The Academy rules state that a film must compete for the Oscars with the same version used in its qualifying run for a week (minimum) of programming in Los Angeles cinemas. The rule states: ” The alteration of a result by modifying an image from the version shown in Los Angeles County, on which eligibility is based, will subject that result to the risk of being declared inadmissible by the Board of Governors. “

Cats managed to evade this Oscar rule because he released an updated version during his first week of programming: the original montage was distributed on Friday, December 20, with cinemas that we’re able to download the digital copy of the film with VFX updated already Sunday 22.

In the next few days our focus on the Oscars 2020, after that on the directorsactors, and actresses, will shift precisely to the technical categories, including those of the Best Visual Effects, so stay tuned to find out more.