For Christmas Zack Snyder Reveals to His Fans New Photos and Information About the Justice League


In these hours Zack Snyder has disguised himself as a virtual Santa Claus and, through his beloved social network Vero, has revealed several additional information and unpublished photos regarding his version of Justice League.

As you can see going down at the bottom of the article, the images are really many, and they go from Batman to Steppenwolf, also including Cyborg, the cemetery where Clark Kent was buried and Clark Kent himself was on his farm (and bare-chested) and in the Kryptonian spaceship wearing – it would seem – the black costume.

But the most interesting thing that emerged from this new batch of information on the Justice League’s Snyder Cut – a few days ago officially renamed Zack Snyder’s Justice League – comes from a blow and response of which the director has become the protagonist: as you can always see below Snyder confirmed that the film would include several Nightmare Scenes, evidently related to that seen in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As we know, in fact, the film would have been only the first chapter of a trilogy in which Darkseid would have conquered the Earth ( Justice League 2 ) only to then be defeated by the sacrifice of Batman ( Justice League 3 ). What do you think of the photos revealed and the new information? Tell us in the comments.

For more news, watch a music video photographed by Snyder and JK Rowling whose proceeds will be donated to charity.

VERO: Zack Snyder shares Lois and Clark in the Kent Farm from his cut of Justice League. from DC_Cinematic

Vero: Zack Snyder shares a shot of Bruce Wayne from the Snyder Cut. from DC_Cinematic

VERO: Zack Snyder says there are scenes set in the Knightmare world in his cut of Justice League. from DC_Cinematic