Dead Cells, the New Update Allows You to Load Old Versions


The new Dead Cells update allows you to load old versions of the game, so as to satisfy those who are not interested in new content.

Twins Motion has announced that the latest update of Dead Cells, called Legacy Update, introduces a much-requested feature. In addition to new items, players can now recall old versions of the game, including glitches, exploits and balance issues.

The novelty has been introduced to allow everyone who does not want to play some of the new content to enjoy the game as they see fit. The announcement post explains in detail how to recall the old builds and how to prevent Steam Cloud from deleting the saves of the old versions. Unfortunately, the other versions of the game cannot enjoy the same privileges.

In addition to that, the Legacy Update introduces two new weapons, two new mutations, the revision of less popular weapons to make them more useful and the indispensable skin of Santa Claus, which will make your lives from cell clusters less sad.

Before leaving, we remind you that Dead Cells is available for a multitude of platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS systems. The game’s first paid DLC, called The Bad Seed, will be released soon.