Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie Talks About Rated-R and the Relationship Between Harley Quinn and Joker


During a recent interview with Collider Margot Robbie, interpreter, and producer of Birds of Prey (and Harley Quinn’s Phantasmagoric Rebirth) celebrated Warner Bros. ‘s choice to award rated-r to the new DC Films project.

” In the previous film I felt like I was all too censored, obviously to adapt to a PG classification, and many of the characters that exist in the DC world are actually quite obscure. And many of them, for example, Slayer, have severe childhood trauma or have a serious mental illness like Harley. But I felt that sometimes you can’t really go into certain matters if you have to censor yourself. And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be liberating if we didn’t have to worry about this?” That was the right tone for the film. “

On the relationship with Joker and his absence, the actress said:

” It’s something I explored a lot in Suicide Squad, the first film, this co-dependence between Harley and Joker, and obviously has a huge influence on her. But she had a relationship with that character when we saw her for the first time on the screen. I wanted to explore what Harley’s version is out of a relationship, and if he is out of that relationship on his own initiative or if he kicked her on the sidewalk. The relationship with Joker is still about her, but in a very different way than in the first film, and I thought that in this way we could observe the second aspect of his personality. And I would say yes, personality, because I think he is a character who has something to sell. “

Birds of Prey will arrive on February 7th.