Wonder Woman 1984: New Official Image Published by Empire


While there are still more than six months to the arrival of Wonder Woman 1984, during the Christmas holidays, Empire magazine took the opportunity to publish a new official image of the Warner / DC cinecomic starring Gal Gadot’s superheroine.

In the image, we can admire the same Diana Prince / Wonder Woman inside the mall that peeps out even in the first official trailer of the film (and as a background to a spectacular action and chase scene) in flight, hooked to her lasso of the truth, under the amazed gaze of the customers of the center.

Following the release of the trailer, after having received the compliments of Kevin Smith, the famous Lynda Carter – historical Wonder Woman on television – also praised the new trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 through her official Twitter profile: ” Pure brilliance “. Carter was an important reference all ready for the first character film in 2017, as director Patty Jenkins contacted the interpreter many times for advice and suggestions on the development of the superheroine while she was working on the script.

Recently, director Patty Jenkins then revealed why this sequel was set in 1984: ” Why? We wanted to bring Diana into the modern world, but the 80s are the period in which Wonder Woman was most successful: all of them it was wonderful to see her in those years and, more importantly, it was the moment when western civilization reached its peak and from which derives the present in which we live. I was curious to see how Wonder Woman would have done it in such a particular context and from which today’s criminals also derive. The whole process came spontaneously “.