The Russo Brothers on Betty Ross: “She Was Involved in the Snap”, Will We See Her Again in the MCU?


That of Bruce Banner is one of the most controversial film adaptations of Marvel, because of the many reboots it has experienced the character over the years. Following Mark Ruffalo’s casting for the role of Hulk, the green giant seems to have found his balance, yet one question remains: where is Betty Ross?

The brothers Anthony and Joe Russo responded in a recent interview: according to the two directors, Banner’s eternal love was among the victims of Thanos’ snap. This means that among the millions of people who came back to life following the repair snap, there would also be the scientist.

Although no hint was made in the film, it is quite probable that Bruce knew of the disappearance of his beloved and that, sacrificing his arm, he also thought of her: after all their impossible love is one of the most poignant of Marvel Comics.

To date, the future of Banner is shrouded in mystery due to the long-standing dispute between Universal, which first acquired its film rights, and Marvel, which despite being the godmother of the character due to the previous sale, cannot produce a stand-alone movie with Hulk.

We still don’t know if and when we will see him again, but it is said that there will not be a new partnership between the green giant and another hero of the MCU and, given the recent discovery on Betty Ross, the two will reunite in his next adventure.

Even if months have passed, Avenger: Endgame is reconfirmed among the most epochal films of the decade (remember that it is the one with the highest-grossing ever) and new details from the set are constantly on the way: if the scene between the Hulk and the ancient it was originally very different, the initial concept even included an appearance of Dormammu.