Other Than Luke Skywalker, the Role to Which Mark Hamill Is Most Grateful Is That of Joker!


There is no doubt that Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is the role that changed Mark Hamill’s life-giving a decisive boost to his career; the actor, however, seems to be particularly grateful for a very different role from that of the then young aspiring Jedi knight.

Through a post on Twitter, in fact, Hamill wanted to express his infinite gratitude to Joker for having given him, over the years, the opportunity to terrify multiple generations of kids with his well-known and crazy laugh.

” I can’t explain how much this single role has meant so much to me. Thanks to him people have recognized the joyful psychopath that is in them, thanks to him the careers of a lot of new megalomaniac villains have started and I am now able to terrify the kids. I will be grateful to him for this … Forever “ wrote Hamill, who despite the extraordinary performances of actors such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Joaquin Phoenix remains, in his animated version, one of the most loved Joker.

Speaking of the Phoenix character, director Todd Philips said that he may not be the real Joker. Joaquin Phoenix himself admitted that he went hungry to play Joker.