Nintendo Switch Bundled With a Toilet Seat in Taiwan


A chain of stores in Taiwan has launched a nice Christmas initiative: to give a toilet tablet bundled with Nintendo Switch.

For Christmas, a chain of stores in Taiwan offers a toilet seat in a bundle with Nintendo Switch and Switch Nintendo Lite. No, this is not a particular peripheral for the console, but an actual bathroom accessory.

Why was such a combination made? The reference is to the intensive use of Nintendo Switch in portable mode on the toilet bowl, while intent on renewing the internal spaces of the intestine. Obviously the company wants its customers to have a comfortable place to sit and play with their new console. After all, the name of the bundles leaves little doubt: ‘Sit comfortably all the time’ for the one with the Nintendo Switch standard and ‘Eliminator of solitude’ for the Nintendo Switch Lite. How not to get involved with so much poetry? What to add? Labo would have had to clean himself up in the bundle too, of course, let us have fun, it’s Christmas Eve!