JJ Abrams on the Lesbian Kiss in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: “They Are Movies for Everyone”


During the final moments of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the director and co-writer JJ Abrams showed us the first homosexual kiss within the famous live-action saga created by George Lucas.

” This celebration scene seemed like an opportunity to show a same-sex kiss without being heavy or making it a state affair,” Abrams told MovieZine. “ Part of the whole experience of the film was showing a same-sex couple having a moment of intimacy that explicitly said that everyone is welcome in this galaxy. It doesn’t matter your sexual preferences, your race, your species if you’re organic if you’re synthetic – Star Wars movies are for everyone.

Abrams continued: ” It should be every director’s responsibility not only to represent the world we live in on the screen but also, whenever possible, behind the screen. We had an amazing second unit director who was an African American woman, that was the first once a black woman did that job. And that was important to me, as was having a very diverse cast. And I’m really proud not only of what we did in front of the camera, but also of what happened behind: there is room for everyone, and it is not about taking opportunities from someone but offering opportunities to people who may not have had this opportunity before. whether it’s a woman in a role where you normally wouldn’t have been able to see a woman, whether it’s a black person in a starring role – it’s becoming the norm, but I think diversity is only good for storytelling. It’s good for business too because I think people want to see things they don’t look like.

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