Fallout 76, a Hack Allows You to Steal All Items in Inventory


New tile for Fallout 76: apparently there is a hack that allows you to steal all the items in the player’s inventory when they are on public servers.

Fallout 76 is the victim of yet another problem: apparently there is a hack that allows you to steal all the objects in the inventory of a player who is on public servers.

Specifically, a hacker can take possession of your weaponsarmor and any other resource in your possession placed in the inventory, with the sole exception of caps, money, and access to the various locations of the Fallout 76 map.

Unfortunately at the moment, the only possible solution to the problem is to avoid the server’s public and opt for private ones, which however can only be done by agreeing with someone in possession of a subscription to Fallout 1st.

Bethesda is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it, but no indications have been given about possible waiting times.