Eddie Murphy Reassures Robert Pattinson: “You Will Be a Great Batman”


A host of the Los Angeles Times for an exceptional chat in the company of other colleagues including Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy, Robert Pattinson confirmed his concerns about his future role as Batman in Matt Reeves film.

Although it doesn’t seem worrying – the actor has, in fact, confessed to facing each role with a certain pessimism – let’s see specifically what Pattinson said about the responsibilities of wearing a cloak as heavy as that of the Dark Knight:

“I don’t know if I’m ready, it’s something special. There is a different feeling when you do such a thing,” explained the actor. “When you know there is a lot of expectation from the audience. It’s also a little fun to feel this kind of pressure. Finding your kind of audience, especially when they don’t want you in that part at first. It’s pretty galvanizing. “

When Pattinson finished explaining his feelings about the part, Murphy intervened to reassure him and tell him that he would be an excellent Batman, perhaps also driven by the many complaints that had followed the choice of the Twilight star as the new Batman – in fact we know well who over the years has repeatedly shown his immense talent in front of the camera outside the fantasy saga (here you can find our special on Pattinson’s career ).

About Murphy, who recently appeared in splendid form on Saturday Night Live, we refer you to our review of Dolemite Is My Name.