Does Hideo Kojima Leave Clues About His New Game After Death Stranding?


Completed Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima started working on her new game, posting a photo on Twitter with some possible clues.

Hideo Kojima started working on his new game after the completion of Death Stranding, and a few hours ago the game director posted a photo on Twitter with some possible clues.

“I work on the next concept while there is nobody in the office,” wrote Kojima, who after Death Stranding had expressed his intention to devote himself to a horror game.

In the photo published on Twitter, there are various objects that seem strategically positioned: a cast of Norman Reedus’ face, a primate’s skull, a rubber duck, a tomato-shaped stress ball, a copy of Wired, a Sony walkman, a book, a couple of cups and more.

Kojima has accustomed us to this kind of riddles in the past and his followers are trying to understand if there is a hidden message somewhere, but it may also be that in this case, the photo does not really reveal anything of his next project.

What do you think?