Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima Shows His Vision in Some Documents From the Pre-Production of the Game


Hideo Kojima shared some images and documents related to the design of Death Stranding, which already in pre-production showed a remarkable coherence of vision.

Death Stranding, like almost all Hideo Kojima games, is based on a very particular and coherent vision imparted by the game designer, which apparently was well established since the pre-production phases, as evidenced by the documents that emerged in these hours.

Kojima released some documents related to the pre-production of Death Stranding on Twitter, demonstrating how the ideas were already quite clear on how to structure his particular game.

On the other hand, even having the intention of creating a separate genre, if we can define what Kojima calls “social strand game”, it is clear that upstream there was careful planning of the various details of the gameplay even before starting the actual development of Death Stranding.

The PS4 game, coming to PC this summer, like many Kojima titles, has a clear authorial stamp, and this is a result that is obtained only through a very precise and defined vision of all its features, from gameplay to graphics characterization.

The documents shared by the author show the projects related to the communication and connection system between players and the basics of Death Stranding gameplay, with the need to find paths, use any tracks left by other players and share efforts to reconnect the United States.