Todd Phillips Claims That Arthur Fleck May Not Be the Real Joker


Gotham’s failed comedian who begins a long descending parable into madness by becoming the mad criminal Joker … may not actually be Joker. To support it was the director of the film himself, Todd Phillips, who recalled the ambiguous origins of the cartoon character, who leaves the field open to different points of view.

“There are many ways to watch a movie. It may not be Joker,” says Todd Phillips in a 22-minute backstage featurette included in the extras of the home-video version. “This is just a version of the origins of the Joker. It’s just the version that this guy is telling in this psychiatric room. I’m saying I don’t know if he’s the most reliable storyteller in the world

Actually the Phoenix Joker is a version of several individuals. Joaquin Phoenix himself said: “Take pieces of me, Todd, Scott Silver, Katharine Hepburn, and Frank-N-Furter, put it all together and you will have our Joker. And I don’t think any of us really knew they would be the ingredients for this but that’s what it happened
And the public can thus build its own story: “Todd has a truly unique way of seeing things” continued Phoenix “And nobody could have made this film except Todd”.
“A wonderful exploration of the villain,” said the producer, Bradley Cooper, who confessed that years ago, Todd Phillips made a drawing with Joaquin Phoenix as a Joker. A clue from the past about the future.