Silent Hills, the City Emerges From the PT Demo, Explored by a YouTuber


The PT demo continues to reveal secrets about what should have been Silent Hills, in this case with new glimpses of the game’s main city.

A Youtuber managed to partially explore some areas of the city that should have been the background to Silent Hills, observing part of the map through the famous PT demo

Just to give an idea of ​​how the project was expected before its drastic cancellation, many modders and players are still exploring the secrets of PT in search of possible unpublished details on what was to be Silent Hills, the new chapter in the horror game entrusted to Hideo Kojima before his divorce with Konami.

After several more or less disturbing discoveries, a particularly interesting one emerged: it YouTuber Lance McDonald managed to explore part of the city of Silent Hills by hacking the PT code, after realizing that the final sequence of the horror demo was actually built on a 3D rendered in real-time, therefore based on an explorable mapping.

The city where Silent Hills should have been set obviously does not appear complete in PT but McDonald managed to explore some parts of it, with the possibility of seeing several urban ravines. In this sense, it is surprising that various areas are still well-rendered despite not even having to be seen, a sign that the development of Silent Hills was probably started anyway.