Robert Pattinson Confesses: “I Don’t Really Know How to Act”


Robert Pattinson is one of the young Hollywood stars but apparently has several self-esteem problems. The actor, the next protagonist of The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, has confessed to ‘not really knowing how to act’ and to be a ‘catastrophist’. Pattinson explained some dynamics of the sets in which he worked.

In conversation with The Observer, Robert Pattinson said: “I really don’t know how to act, I wanted to make it real and one of the ways I thought it would make it a little easier and shake physically just before the clapperboard. You end up on the scene with a … different feelings.”

Robert Pattinson also reported episodes of vomiting onset, due to too much tension built up. He also admitted to being too pessimistic even though he admitted that this pre-emptive view of the situation can help: “I am a catastrophist. I always think the worst-case scenario will actually happen. So when it happens I say ‘Ok! I’m prepared!'”.

The difficulty is also in interpreting ordinary characters: “I’m not entirely sure how to play a normal person. I don’t think I’m good at being subtle. I like characters who, when a situation is posed to them, their decision-making process is incomprehensible. I find it fascinating when people make decisions wrong. Humor and comfort

Robert Pattinson has begun rehearsal for The Batman, the new film in which he inherits the role of the Bat-Man from Ben Affleck. The filming of The Batman has moved to the countryside, and the cast includes actors of the caliber of Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Serkis.