One Piece, Chapter 966 of the Manga Is Now Available


Chapter 966 of the One Piece manga, signed by Eiichiro Oda, is officially available: and you too can read it, for free, and online.

Chapter 966 of the manga One Piece is now officially available. Of course, the paper format for the moment remains a Japanese exclusive, at least until it is translated, adapted and published also in Europe and in Italy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t read the chapter online.

Don’t worry, it’s all legal thanks to the new collaboration with Manga Plus, a website that already offers the reading of other very important manga such as Dragon Ball Super. At the time of this writing, we found Chapter 966 of the manga in One Piece also on Manga Plus, exclusively in English. Happy reading therefore: the link is in the Source field of this article. In the next paragraph we will deal with the contents of the chapter in question: therefore, be careful of spoilers and previews.

Chapter 966 of the One Piece manga finally shows the meeting between Gol D. Roger, ex-pirate king, and Whitebeard. The latter, in the flashback dedicated to the narrative arc of Wano, took with him on his crew Oden Kozuki of Wano. All these events are very important to understand the evolution of the situation in the present, with Luffy Straw Hat and company against Kaido and Big Mom.