Nintendo Switch: The Counterfeit Version Nanica Smitch Arrives, With 800 Games Included


Nanica Smitch looks like a sort of clone console of Nintendo Switch including 800 games, but this is a decidedly dubious operation even in legal terms.

With the planetary success of Nintendo Switch, a counterfeit version of the Nintendo console on the market could not be missing, so here comes Nanica Switch, which recalls the device in question not only in name but also in form, as visible in the video below.

Nanica Smitch aims therefore to be a sort of tarot version of Nintendo Switch, an imitation that at first glance can recall the original also in the packaging and in the logo but looks like a decidedly different machine.

The device in question has 800 games pre-installed inside, but these are ROMs that have nothing to do with Nintendo Switch and on which we doubt that the company that sells Nanica Smitch actually has the rights, so the legality of the whole operation is rather doubtful.

Other common elements with Nintendo Switch are the two detachable controllers (both without analog sticks or motion control) and the possibility of being connected to the TV directly with a cable.

Although an average attentive user can immediately notice the inconsistencies, given that we are under Christmas wary of elderly aunts or grandparents who claim to have bought a Nintendo Switch at an incredibly affordable price and with a lot of games: inside the package you could find a fearsome Nanica Smitch!