Fortnite, Ninja Lashes out at Using the Controller on PC


Ninja lashes out against the use of the controller on PC and in particular, the advantages that derive from this, such as the excessive amount of aim assist that distorts the clashes with other players.

The famous streamer Tyler ‘ Ninja ‘ Blevins has recently lashed out against the possibility of using the controller on PC in Fortnite multiplayer, or at least on the fact that the use of this leads to imbalances in the balance of the game.

Fortnite allows a wide variety of different approaches to multiplayer, being a cross-play game but also with the possibility of using different configurations on PC, such as the use of controllers or the classic mouse and keyboard, only that the latter distinction it carries some imbalances that Ninja didn’t like at all.

In fact, even on PC, the introduction of the controller carries a certain amount of aim assist, or automatic aim assistance, which is not present using the mouse and keyboard. This entails an objective advantage for those who use the controller, which should be counterbalanced by the lower precision compared to the mouse but in truth, it is greatly helped in various situations by this automatic assistance.

There are many players who have complained about this option, including prominent personalities such as Tfue and now also Ninja, who explained his position in a recent streaming outburst after a defeat suffered, according to him, precisely because of of the imbalance given by the aim assist using the controller on a PC.

“If people want to play with the controller, play with the Xbox or PlayStation. The controller on the PC creates these strange situations and interlocks as happened to this guy here, who literally could not have missed the shot.” Even the battle partner, the pro player Reverse2K, agrees on the matter, claiming that the new balance of Fortnite has become too imprinted on the controllers also due to collaborations set up by Epic with some pros in the sector, such as Aydan.

“Aim assist needs to be changed and that’s objective,” Ninja said, “especially with regards to using the controller on PC, aim to assist needs to be rebalanced.”