Carrie Fisher’s Brother Found a Postmortem Message Written by His Sister


It was December 27, 2016, when the world learned of the death of Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars Princess Leia. But now Todd, Carrie’s brother, has told Page Six that he has found a note written by her, a. post-mortem message

“I’m dead. How are you? We’ll see you soon … I would call you and tell you how it is here, but they don’t take the phones around here. Cut. New scene, new set, and new heavenly location. I finally got the part so I have been testing all my life. God has given me this part. This is the end of that path that I have gone for a whole life “.

The words of Carrie Fisher in the ticket found by her brother in her mother’s drawer (Debbie Reynolds, who disappeared just a day after the death of her daughter), while Todd was looking for material that could be included in a Star Wars-themed exhibition dedicated to his sister at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

“Everything Debbie cared about most, in terms of personal letters, was in here. It wasn’t the first time I looked at it. I’ve never seen such a thing,” Todd says. “It’s definitely Carrie’s writing. I know his handwriting like my pockets “.

“Either it’s something Carrie wrote a long time ago because she was shooting a story that predicted the character’s death, or it just materialized out of nowhere. She was writing like she was dead and describing what it was like. It shocked me. I thought ‘Wow, why am I finding this now?’ “ Todd concluded.

Carrie Fisher ‘s last appearance as Leia Organa is in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, currently in theaters, in which scenes cut from The Force Awakens were used.