Zack Snyder Shares an Unreleased Superman-Themed Justice League Scene


We keep talking about the Snyder Cut the Justice League again thanks to the generosity of the Watchmen director and 300, which again via dedicated platforms has chosen to share an all-new image of bankruptcy crossover DC Films, cut by a cut of Joss Whedon and theme Superman.

As you can see, in the image we see the scene in which the group led by Batman ( Ben Affleck ) is bringing Superman’s body ( Henry Cavill ) into the Kryptonian spacecraft in the center of Metropolis, so as to bring it back to life as happened in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Zod’s body, however, changed in Doomsday.

Either way, Flash ( Ezra Miller ) is pushing the Man of Steel coffin and as soon as it passes in front of the slot where one of the Superman costumes is inserted, the ship seems to feel the presence of the Kryptonian, so much so that the costume seems to come to life and greet the welcome Superman. Snyder’s caption reads precisely: ” The ship feels its presence “.

For further information, we refer you to the special dedicated to the Justice League Snyder Cut, also suggesting the article on the alleged rated-r of the DC crossover. At the moment it is not clear if we will ever see the film as Snyder had thought it, but the hope is the last to die.

Vero: Zack shares flash moving Clark’s casket through the ship from DC_Cinematic