Xbox, Phil Spencer Told Microsoft to Focus Everything on Gaming


When the future of the Xbox division was in doubt, Phil Spencer told Microsoft to focus everything on gaming or to leave it alone.

There was a time when Microsoft questioned the Xbox division: on that occasion, Phil Spencer told the company leaders to focus everything on gaming or let it go.

The revelation comes from an interview that Spencer released to GameSpot, which also talks about the early stages after his inauguration as head of the Xbox. A moment far from simple, apparently.

A few months after his promotion, Phil Spencer received a call from CEO Satya Nadella who said, without too many words, that he did not know why the company was still moving in the field of video games.

After a careful examination, Spencer then called Nadella back and said: “If we have to stay in the gaming field, then we aim for everything. The last thing I want is to manage a division on which the company has doubts, on which it does not want to bet. “

Just before E3 2014, Microsoft asked its users for feedback, collecting something like 170,000 reviews on the company’s services and products. Valuable information from which to start Xbox.