Ubisoft Has Canceled an Unannounced Game After Three Years of Development


Apparently Ubisoft Montreal was working on a Destiny-style shooter, but the game was canceled after three years of development without even an announcement.

Ubisoft has canceled a game not yet announced after three years of work: the news comes from some messages posted on Twitter by one of the developers.

According to this person, fortunately, the cancellation of the game did not imply any layoff at Ubisoft Montreal, and the people working on this front have been moved to other projects: the studio has over fifteen currently in the pipeline.

But what kind of game was it? According to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Ubisoft Montreal was working on a Destiny- style shooter, a new intellectual property which, however, apparently did not convince the leaders of the French company.

The cancellation of the project is probably linked to the new Ubisoft policies put in place after the disappointing results of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.