Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Shows Her Power in Chapter 55 of Manga


In the recent chapter 55 of the Dragon Ball Super Vegeta manga, he started to show his power, the result of hard training: the details.

Chapter 55 of the manga of Dragon Ball Super is now available for reading, in print and online in Japan in the rest of the world. Thus the narrative arc of Moro and the Galactic Patrol continues, and in particular, Vegeta has shown all its power. Do not read further, if you fear any spoilers or anticipations.

In chapter 55 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, therefore, Vegeta shows all its power, the result of hard training on the planet of Yard. Training that has not yet ended, to be honest, but the planet has been attacked by Moro’s henchmen, and therefore the prince of the Saiyans had to protect him. On this occasion, he himself was amazed at the incredible balance achieved by his Ki, a completely new and unexpected power.

According to the Yardratiani, Vegeta could become even stronger, and deepen the techniques of their race much more than what Goku did superficially in the past. But will all this stop Moro once and for all? To read chapter 55 of the Dragon Ball Super manga you can refer to the Source field of this article.