Xbox Series X Will Be as Silent as Xbox One X, Says Phil Spencer


Phil Spencer assures that Xbox Series X will be as silent as Xbox One X, thanks to the new design with a central fan cooling system.

Considering the power it should have, there is probably concern about how much Xbox Series X is going to heat up, so what kind of cooling it will contain and how quiet it will be , but Phil Spencer seems rather convinced of the console’s capabilities on this front.

As can be guessed by looking at the shape of the Xbox Series X , the cooling system is based on a central fan , but everything according to Spencer is silent as Xbox One X. “What the team did, as you can see through the upper grate, is use the central fan design, “explained Phil Spencer in an interview with Gamespot.

“There is always a certain tension between design, acoustics, cooling and the functions of a console and we had no intention of compromising on the capabilities of the machine. I am very impressed with the design they have managed to build.”

As reported by Phil Spencer, from the point of view of silence, Xbox Series X is equal to Xbox One X , practically imperceptible.