Xbox Series X and Project xCloud Are Different Things, One Doesn’t Replace the Other, Says Microsoft


Microsoft reiterates that it sees Xbox Series X and Project xCloud as two different ways of playing the same games, without one necessarily replacing the other.

Microsoft returned to the Project xCloud topic on the occasion of the recent announcement of the Xbox Series X, returning to reiterate how its streaming service is not intended to supplant consoles, as it had already reported in the past.

Despite the large investments made in research in the field of cloud gaming and the launch of the xCloud project now occurred and expanding, Microsoft does not yet see in streaming a real substitute for the way to enjoy traditional video games.

“We don’t want to tell people that xCloud will replace consoles or PC gaming, or even other consoles like Switch or something like that, “said Phil Spencer in an interview with GameSpot,” but we think that the possibility to take your games with you, so you can log in and find your friends everywhere, all games and bailouts, goals and personal library is a very important thing. “

Xbox Series X (as on the other hand also Xbox One) and Project xCloud are basically two different ways to play the same games, in short. The issue will be further facilitated with the next generation because cloud technology is already provided in the features and architecture of the Xbox Series X, which makes it extremely easy to be able to transport games from the console platform to the cloud, but Project xCloud is not It was designed with the intent of replacing consoles or PCs, according to Microsoft.