Twitch, Elleybooo Forgets to Turn off the Broadcast and Confesses That He Only Wants to Milk His Viewers


Streamer Twitch Elleybooo mistakenly confessed that she was only interested in milking her viewers after leaving the show on.

Bad accident for the Twitch streamer Elleybooo, which forced his followers to listen to the truth after inadvertently leaving his streaming broadcast on. Basically it made it clear that its purpose is to milk the viewer for donations and that when this does not happen, it is decidedly upset.

Having done an entire transmission without receiving anything, when she thought the cameras were off, Elleybooo blurted out: ” it was a damn boring stream, I tried to milk them because I wanted a donation, but nothing. ” The poor thing repeated a second time which was a boring broadcast and then nothing was heard.

Content creators hardly talk about donations during streams, but apparently they are one of the mainsprings that push them to do them. Moreover, for many, it is a job, not a pleasure. In short, Elleybooo only made it clear the obvious. Then there are also those who ate a can of cat food lives to receive money.

However, Elleybooo has not yet commented on the incident with his fans. Who knows if he will do it or if he will count on their poor memory by pretending nothing.