The Witcher 4? Meanwhile, There Is a New Agreement Between CD Projekt RED and the Author Andrzej Sapkowski


Finally, CD Projekt RED and Andrzej Sapkowski reach a new agreement to use the rights of The Witcher, perhaps in view of a fourth chapter.

The question really has nothing to do with The Witcher 4, but meanwhile CD Projekt RED has reached a new agreement with Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of The Witcher, for the exploitation of the rights on the character and the books.

As you know, there was not a lot of good blood between the original author of The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski, and CD Projekt RED or the videogames in general of the series, especially as regards the attitude of the author of the books towards videogame products.

The issue probably dates back to economic agreements that were initially taken for the use of the character in video games: instead of requiring royalties and therefore earnings based on the copies sold, Sapkowski initially had so little confidence in the possibilities of the video game The Witcher to choose to fix it only with the payment of a rather modest initial sum.

The story then showed how much Sapkowski was wrong on the matter: The Witcher, in particular with The Witcher 3, has become a real mass phenomenon, capable of selling millions of copies all over the world and making known the character to an extremely large audience, but the author has practically gained nothing from all this.

Just over a year ago, the writer officially requested monetary compensation for the exploitation of The Witcher, asking for 16 million dollars for not taking legal action. These days, the parties have agreed through a new relationship: there are no precise data on the new agreements, but according to reports CD Projekt RED and Sapkowski have “entered into a new agreement that strengthens the team’s relationship with the author”.

Apparently, the new agreement meets the demands and expectations of both parties, according to reports from the team, and “establishes a framework for future cooperation between the parts. “This last part is particularly interesting because it seems to refer to the future of the series, with a possible The Witcher 4 on the horizon. This, however, is currently only a hope.