PUBG, More Than 100,000 Bans a Week, but That’s Not Enough to Stop Cheaters


The PUBG community manager has revealed that more than 100,000 accounts a week are often banned, but they are not enough to stop the cheaters.

In a post on Reddit, the PUBG community manager confessed that more than 100,000 accounts a week are often banned from the game, but that this is not enough to stop the cheaters, as pointed out by those who asked him what PUBG Corp is doing for stem the increasingly rampant phenomenon in the well-known battle royale.

CM: ” What are we doing against cheaters? We often ban more than 100,000 accounts a week. In the week from 8 to 14 December 2019, we permanently banned 116,531 accounts. Do we also ban account hardware? Yes, we also use bans HWID. Unfortunately, we cannot use them in every situation. “

In short, the accusations of the players against PUBG Corp of not doing anything against the cheaters would be largely unfair, because in reality there is a lot going on. Simply PUBG is invaded and the phenomenon seems to be only curbed. The accusations of not banning the hardware to get the hunted to buy the game again are also absurd because, as explained, PUBG Corp aims to support PUBG for many years and to ensure the continued success of the game it must ensure have a large happy user base. Cheaters, on the other hand, have a very negative influence on other players, to the point of leading many to abandon.