PewDiePie Against Xbox Series X for the Awkward Design


Apparently the new design of the Xbox X Series did not appeal to PewDiePie, who has not missed an opportunity to make it present in his video.

Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, did not like the Xbox Series X design, which he considers clumsy. From what was announced, the new Xbox has seen conflicting opinions emerge on the net, with some who have compared it to a refrigerator, transforming it into a real meme.

This is why it ended in the transmission of PewDiePie ‘Meme Review “, where the web star indicated the strange PC tower design as a marketing choice to make the console talk:” Speaking of Xbox, did you see what stuff? Do you think this is a new type of multilayer marketing, where brands deliberately make their products awkward so that people say ‘haha, it looks stupid!’, And in the meantime Xbox ‘Free Marketing, baby!

PewDiePie then compared the Xbox Series X to other recent products, such as Elen Musk’s Cybertruck and its strange low-poly auto shape, to conclude: ” It looks like a refrigerator, I wonder what snacks can be taken from the Xbox Series X. Wow, delicious