Kingdom Hearts 3 on PC Is a Possibility, According to the Microsoft Store


On the Microsoft Store, a possible indication of the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 on PC has been detected through the DLC Re: Mind, even if the question is still highly doubtful.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has not yet reached the PC unlike many other series also of Japanese origin that has imposed themselves on the market starting from the consoles, but the question may change, according to what emerged on the Microsoft Store.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has met with great success on PS4 and Xbox One, as the most recent chapter of a hugely popular series but which, unlike many others, is not expected for PC in stark contrast to what has been happening to multiplatform titles for years now.

A recent sighting on the Microsoft Store, however, suggests that things are destined to change: as reported by GamePur, in the description of the DLC Re: Mind expected to arrive in February 2020 on Xbox One reads that the content is also expected for PC. To tell the truth, apparently, it was read before since now this word no longer appears but according to the site in question at the time of the publication of the initial news the indication on the PC was still visible.

It may have been simply a mistake, but it is certain that the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 on PC, although a little late, would not look out of place and would also fall within the standard dynamics of the current gaming market, so we await any developments on the matter.