Xbox Series X, Price: Some Assumptions Based on Hardware


What will be the selling price of the Xbox Series X? Based on the cost of the announced hardware components, here are some interesting hypotheses.

What will be the price of Xbox Series X? Microsoft has not yet announced anything in this regard, but knowing roughly the hardware components of the new console it is possible to formulate some hypotheses.

Bo Moore ‘s theory of is that Xbox Series X will cost $ 599, which is the minimum amount possible considering the hardware that the system will include, and which represents a substantial step forward compared to the previous models.

The CPU the console will, in fact, be an AMD Zen 2 custom processor, and with that architecture, the cheapest component is the Ryzen 5 3600, which costs about $ 200. On the GPU front, the custom Navi chip with ray tracing support will certainly not cost less than an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, for a minimum value of 400 dollars.

To this is added of course the price of a very performing SSD, from a minimum of 1 TB, and the fact that most likely Xbox Series X will be the top model of the line, with a less powerful version, perhaps called Xbox Series S, to position itself on the $ 349 or $ 399.