The Witcher Netflix Series, Interpret Geralt? Henry Cavill Reveals the Biggest Challenges


The first season of the TV series The Witcher debuts today on Netflix: we read the latest statements made by Henry Cavill.

After a long wait, the Netflix series based on the novels of The Witcher has finally debuted on the well-known streaming platform. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill told how it was to live on set as the witcher Geralt of Rivia.

During a press conference that took place in the last hours, the British actor talked about the main difficulties he had to face in order to play this role better. “It was very different because of Geralt’s fighting style athleticism,” Cavill noted during the interviews. “Geralt performs many pirouettes and explosive movements on uneven ground.”

“You are not fighting in the gym, but on a slope with pebbles or while it is raining. So you need to make sure that everything is safeguarded and that the right muscle mechanism is created: hips, knees, elbows, shoulders”.

According to Cavill, this was not the only challenge, as even holding the sword without harming his fellow actors proved equally complex. “The hardest thing about fighting on set with a heavy weapon is that you’re not really swinging it to kill someone,” he added.