Pokémon GO: Lugia and Ho-Oh Are Back on a Special Raid Weekend, Details


Lugia and Ho-Oh are back in Pokémon GO Legendary Raids, on a Special Raid weekend, just this weekend.

For some time now Lugia and Ho-Oh seem to have disappeared from Pokémon GO: the players know it, but Niantic Labs knows it well too. And for this reason, the two Legendary Pokémon of the Second Generation will be available again very soon, in a new weekend of special raids.

The new Pokémon GO Special Raid weekend will be held this weekend, precisely on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 December 2019, for the whole day. During this time, all Level Five Legendary Raids in the Niantic Labs game will host Lugia and Ho-Oh, so players who haven’t caught them in their time will now be able to do so. Also, in shiny or chromatic version, if desired.

This is the last opportunity of 2019 to catch Lugia and Ho-Oh on Pokémon GO, then we will presumably have to wait for the spring of 2020. Normally, we remember, Level Five Raids host Virizion, a legendary of the Fifth Generation of Unova, which at the weekend he will step aside temporarily.