Playdate, the Portable Console Soon Available for Developers


Panic has announced that the original Playdate portable console will soon be made available to developers, while the official release is scheduled for 2020.

Playdate, the original portable console made by the independent Panic team, will be available soon for developers through a preview program.

“We will be putting the Playdates on sale very soon for the Developer Preview, ” the team wrote. “We will write to the developers included in our list when the time comes,” but apparently the selection will be made randomly because of the few pieces available, in the order of hundreds of units.

As for end-users, pre-orders of Playdate will be opened during the first half of 2020, or in any case when the Preview Program is finished and the developers have created an adequate number of applications for the console.

Panic also posted a video on Twitter to present a plastic protective case for the Playdate, which apparently gets stuck on the handheld controls to close.