Fortnite: Happy Plunderer and Ginger Gunner in the Shop of 20 December 2019


All the contents, details and prices of the new Fortnite Chapter 2 shop today, December 20, 2019, Christmas themed 2019.

Epic Games has released a new store of Fortnite Chapter 2, we see therefore all content today December 20, 2019: Once again it is a shop themed Christmas 2019, as you can imagine.

In particular, the Happy Plunderer and with him the Ginger Gunner are available in the Fortnite Battle Royale shop today: these are the Skins of the men of marzipan. Each costume is offered at the price of 1500 V-buck, about 15 euros per change, and to complete the set there will also be a hang glider and themed collection tool. The ballets in evidence today are Crab, Harmony, and Crazy.

Below we present all the contents of the Fortnite store today December 20, 2019. Recall that the challenges of Star Wars are now available for completion, but only for a limited period of time.

  • Happy Looter (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Ginger Gunner (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Lynx (Costume) – 2000 V-buck
  • Surfer (Costume) – 1200 V-buck
  • Crab (Emote) – 500 V-buck
  • Ranger Scout (Costume) – 800 V-buck
  • Double wire (Tool collection) – 500 V-buck
  • Harmony (Emote) – 200 V-buck
  • Crazy (Emote) – 200 V-buck