Facebook: Privacy Alert, Data From 267 Million Users Exposed


New privacy alert on Facebook: the data of 267 million users, including telephone numbers, were stolen and put online; here’s what happened.

Unfortunately, let’s go back to talking about a new case of exposure of users’ personal data, and yes, once again we are referring to Facebook, the most famous social network in the world. Let’s find out what happened and what risks this entails.

The security company Comparitech and researcher Bob Diachenko discovered an online database with inside the data of 267 million users of Facebook: IDs, telephone numbers, names, and surnames were present. All this information could be consulted without any problem, and without using passwords or other authentication tools. But how did one of the biggest causes of data exposure in recent months happen, which led to a new privacy alert?

The answer, very simple, is: “no one knows”. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have yet to rule on the issue, it could be a case of scraping or extraction of data from a website using specially developed software. The database with users’ personal data remained online from 4 to 19 December 2019, then it was removed … but in the meantime, obviously, someone could have saved all the data in total freedom.