Dragons and Colonies, Keiji Inafune’s Latest Game, Servers Closed After Less Than a Year Since Launch


Dragons and Colonies, Keiji Inafune’s latest game for Level-5 was a resounding failure in Japan, with servers soon to be closed.

Dragons and ColoniesKeiji Inafune’s latest effort for Level-5, will close its doors on February 17, 2020, after less than a year of commercial life. We translate: the game servers will be closed. Consider that it was launched in the summer of 2019. In short, it is a resounding failure for the father of Mega Man and for the publisher Level-5. Obviously something must not have worked.

Note that Dragons and Colonies is the first game developed by Level-5 Comcept after the publisher’s acquisition of Concept. We hope that Inafune and his next project will get more resonance and success. This did not even have time to leave the homeland before he died.

For those unfamiliar with it, Keiji Inafune is a developer born and raised in the ranks of Capcom. In addition to the Mega Man, he has worked on other famous series such as the Resident Evil, the Onimusha and the Street Fighter. Among his most recent titles the discreet ReCore and Mighty No. 9, one of the titles that are accused of causing the decline of Kickstarter, between delays and broken promises.