Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta vs Cell in a Very Original Fanart


The epic clash of Vegeta against Cell relives in this very original fanart dedicated to Dragon Ball Z: here is the image.

The Dragon Ball Z Saga of Cell has left incredible memories imprinted in the memory of the fans: what if today we offered you a different perspective on one of the many memorable clashes that have distinguished it? Let’s talk about Vegeta VS Cell of course.

The artist ruto830 has redesigned the Dragon Ball Z clash between Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans, and Cell, the most powerful android ever created by Doctor Gelo. In a very original way, this fanart illustrates the battle from the Saiyan’s point of view, specifically after his devastating attack that wiped out part of Cell’s body. We bring you the drawing here at the bottom of the article, sure you will like it.

Dragon Ball Super is the official sequel to Dragon Ball Z, made by Toriyama and Toyotaro. There are those who argue that soon there would also be room for a return of Cell, after that of Freeza: in the meantime what is certain is that the narrative arc of Galactic Patrol and Moro is putting the protagonists in serious difficulty.