Xbox Series X, Secret Presentation at the Game Awards 2019 Thanks Also to a Fake Script


It seems that to keep secret on Xbox Series X, Microsoft sent a fake script for the Game Awards evening, according to which it should have talked about Game Pass instead of the new console.

One element that has made the presentation of Xbox Series X at the Game Awards 2019 particularly effective is its completely unexpected arrival, a very rare case considering the normal functioning of the gaming industry, where leaks are now on the agenda, also achieved thanks to trickery as a fake script.

The journalist Geoff Keighley, an organizer of Game Awards, explained some background of the complex organization that has led to this total secrecy about the event in an interview published by Variety. Apparently, very few people knew that the Xbox Series X would be presented during the evening and total secrecy was also guaranteed by the trickery of a fake script relating to the evening.

During the rehearsals and all the preparatory stages of the Game Awards, Phil Spencer and Microsoft had sent fake content to be included in the script of the event, according to which the head of the Xbox division should have talked about the Xbox Game Pass, with a video theme.

Based on what Keighley revealed, in fact, the first time Phil Spencer talked about Xbox Series X was during the live show, during the same evening of the Game Awards, in which instead of the contents on the Game Pass the trailer was presented for the presentation of the new console and the head of Xbox then introduced Xbox Series X at the end of the video.