Xbox Series X, Dimensions Compared to PS4 Pro, Xbox and Nintendo Switch


We see a new video that compares the size of the Xbox Series X with the other consoles: from PS4 Pro to the first Xbox One, passing through Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Series X is making a lot of discussion for the peculiar form factor and size. Well, has made a new video that compares the next Microsoft console with PS4 Pro, the first Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Using the now proven cardboard mockup, which faithfully reproduces the measurements and aesthetics of the Xbox Series X, the movie reveals how the new platform, placed horizontally, is more than double the height of an Xbox One X but less than two Xbox One.

We even proceeded to compare Xbox Series X with the original Xbox, which still has out-of-scale dimensions; and with PS4 Pro, also “doubled” in the horizontal positioning.

There is no official data yet, but according to the video, the new Microsoft console will measure about 27 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm. Do you already have in mind where to place it?