Nintendo Switch Merged From a New 1TB SanDisk microSD, Console Destroyed


A user found himself with the console destroyed after trying to install a new 1TB microSD card on his Nintendo Switch.

A possible incompatibility emerged from the potentially disastrous implications between Nintendo Switch and a 1TB microSD, as a user reported the merging of the console with a burn to destroy the console.

To tell the truth, it is a very risky and also very expensive experiment since Nintendo Switch does not ensure complete compatibility with all microSD cards, however, it does not specify the possibility of such risks being reached. Indeed, the SanDisk Extreme PLUS 1TB microSDXC UHS-I is also a particularly new card, therefore probably based on a technology not even provided by Nintendo in the console compatibility information.

The fact is that the user “NefariousZhen”, as shown in the image below, tried to insert a very expensive 1TB SanDisk microSDXC (it can cost around the price of 500 euros only the card), installed it and as a result it got a deep burn at the card reader that knocked Nintendo Switch completely out of action.

It seems, at least, that Nintendo have decided, however, to take care of the problem even though the console is out of the warranty period. At the moment it is an isolated case and considering the cost of the memory card in question it will remain so for a while, but it is said that, with the dizzying advance of the technologies applied to microSD, no further cases of this may emerge guy.