Ninja and Luke Skywalker Protagonists of Today’s Episode of Xbox Sessions


The new episode of Xbox Sessions, the official broadcast of Mixer, proposes a pair of protagonists absolutely exceptional with Ninja and Mark Hamill on Fortnite.

The new episode of Xbox Sessions, the transmission of Mixer on the major news broadcast on the Microsoft streaming platform, features two exceptional characters with Ninja and none other than Luke Skywalker, or Mark Hamill.

The new episode of Xbox Sessions will air today, December 19, at 15:00 in our area and will stage the unprecedented meeting between Mark Hamill, legendary entertainment icon and famous interpreter of Luke Skywalker, and the steamer Ninja.

Hamill and Ninja will perform together in unprecedented gameplay on Fortnite Island on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, obviously taking advantage of the pull of the event in cross-over with Star Wars on the occasion of the release in the cinemas of Star Wars: The Ascent of Skywalker.

During the appointment, Ninja will show Mark Hamill how Fortnite works during the Winterfest Christmas event. Later, Mark and his sons Nathan and Griffin will explore and discard some presents in the Winterfest Lodge using Fortnite’s new split-screen feature.

In addition, Simply, well-known Mixer streamer will share some of his best Fortnite game tips, joining in the fun. Finally, during the episode, it will be possible to take a few comments from Mark on his experience as a voice actor and on the gambling habits of the whole Hamill family.

You can follow the Xbox Sessions episode on the official Xbox Mixer channel or on the YouTube channel, therefore scheduled for today, December 19th, starting at 15:00.